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How to identify high quality portable power supply with safe sufficient capacity
        The concept of mobile power is developed with the rapid popularization and growth of digital products.
        Broadly speaking, a mobile power source is a portable large-capacity portable power source, also known as a mobile battery, that can provide functions such as charging or extra use time for digital devices.The core of mobile power supply is composed of rechargeable lithium ion battery and stabilized voltage input and output circuit board.
        At present, the functions of digital products are increasingly diversified and the use time is more frequent. Therefore, how to improve the use time of digital products and give full play to their maximum functions becomes more and more important.So many power supply manufacturers see this business opportunity, have launched their own mobile power products.Capacity generally ranges from a few hundred to tens of thousands of milliamps.Compared with the advantages of mobile power, its potential disadvantages are also the biggest factors influencing consumers' decision to buy.
        First, safety is a priority for many consumers.As we all know, lithium ions have very active chemical properties. If they come into contact with oxygen in the air, they can have very violent chemical reactions and even explosions.
In the mobile power at thousands of milliamps or tens of thousands of milliamps of capacity, if there is an explosion, then - fruit
        It's very serious.Recently several cases, the young man holding a cell phone in your bag, but mobile phone explosion, the man killed on the spot. There is a child playing with his father, the so-called high capacity mobile phone, mobile phone explosion, unfortunately though children pick up back to a life, but life ability is lost, all these cases and make us fearful. But each big manufacturer after years of research and development, has gradually use more efficient, safe lithium polymer battery instead of the original pure lithium batteries.Make it much safer.
        However, due to the influence of production technology and cell factors, the output efficiency of mobile power is uneven, and too high or too low output voltage will directly damage the hardware.We often see some netizens complain about the failure of digital products caused by the use of poor mobile power or improper use methods.At the same time there are some illegal manufacturer standard capacity, itself only's capacity to 5000 to ten thousand, of course the price will be higher than the original one times or more. In this industry has become an open secret. But we still believe there is always the good faith management with a conscience, they see is the long-term development of the enterprise, sustainable operation. Rather than a short period of time to bring huge profits.
        The above is a mobile power supply market and its quality, that mobile power supply is really suitable for what kind of people?In fact, no other than the following: business people who often travel, travel friends, residential students, work in the field, like mobile power supply.For users of the iPhone, which has a non-removable battery, buying a mobile power supply to solve their own power shortage is a common or necessary requirement.Traveling friends, business people who often go on business trips, it is not difficult to find that the above several groups of people have a common existence, that is relatively within a period of time, there is no around to provide charging conditions for digital products.And as phones and other digital devices have become more versatile, their use has soared, making their already stretched batteries look less durable.
        Due to the influence of various factors, the most reasonable use of mobile power should be emergency charging.After all, no one wants to use a digital device while walking around with a cumbersome portable power supply.As for the applicable population, if the price is controlled within the range acceptable to most people, then the applicable population will be more widespread.
        And for those who plan to buy mobile power supply, it is necessary to pay attention to the purchase must choose more safe, efficient, sufficient capacity lithium polymer cell, and at least at the same time with over charge, over discharge, temperature, short circuit and other protective functions of strong security products.
        In daily use, do not fall, knock, water, sunlight for a long time, use non-original charger and other abnormal use methods that affect the life of mobile power supply.